Vivid Sydney is Simply Sensational!

If you’ve ever been in the CBD during Vivid Sydney – or for that matter, any large city event – you’ve probably been shocked by the massive increase in the number of people thronging the streets during the primary events. In fact, if you have decided to avoid Vivid altogether just to avoid the crowds, you wouldn’t be alone! We get it – that’s why we believe we have the perfect solution for you…

Avoid the crazy city crowds and instead, enjoy the expansive decks, unfettered views and excellent customer services on board our luxury vessel – a 52-foot Motor Cruiser that’s perfect for your needs during Vivid Sydney. Scheduled nightly cruises from Walsh Bay take you on a 2-hour sailing tour through Sydney’s calm Harbour waters, enabling you to witness the phenomenon that is Vivid Sydney.

You won’t just be witnessing this now-iconic event, though – you’ll be part of it! The motor cruiser itself is participating in the Vivid Harbour Lights event, illuminated by festive LED lights that change colour as you enter different areas of the Harbour, thanks to innovative geo-location software. With small group sizes of 16 maximum, a selection of delicious canapés and an unlimited beverage limit, you’re set for a night of blissful wonder, as you enjoy the colourful lights glistening off the water’s surface.

After stepping aboard, you’ll be greeted with friendly smiles from our amazing staff, who will always be on hand to make your cruise experience beyond wonderful. Journeying along the Harbour Bridge’s western side, you’ll be left in awe by the dazzling brilliance of the city, as Vivid’s Harbour Lights Festival is slowly revealed. Enjoying the mesmerising scenery, you can kick back with a chilled wine, beer or soft drink and chat to your fellow passengers, or find a quiet corner in which to share this magic moment with a loved one.

With each successive year of Vivid being dubbed as more spectacular than the last, this year’s light shows, fireworks, entertainment, artistic displays and water displays will be an event you’ll definitely want to pull your camera out for – particularly if it’s a late-model Canon, as these cameras will be automatically equipped with exclusive interactive features. This year, Vivid has even been extended in both size and length of time, with an extra five nights and extra precinct involvement.

You’ll never want this spectacular and affordable cruise to end, but you don’t need to sacrifice the following morning for this trip either – with cruises disembarking at 8:30 pm, you can head off for a delicious dinner, get the kids home in a timely manner and still feel wonderful for work the next day.