Top 5 Things to Pack on your Cruise

As the old saying goes if you fail to plan – then you plan to fail.  For anyone who’s lacking experience in the nautical areas, the crew at Sensational Sydney Cruises are here to help with a list of things you should pack with you!



As the old adage goes Slip Slop Slap – and nothing is more important to consider when traversing the high seas.  Be sure to grab the clear apply, non-greasy sunscreen for that easy application.

Phone and Waterproof Case.

When you’re on a 52 foot motor yacht, sailing the Sydney Harbor in one of the most picturesque sceneries in Sydney – one thing is for certain, you are going to want to photograph this experience!  Even if you don’t consider yourself in the social media game the lure of snapping a quick selfie amongst the clear blue ocean, or lazing on the deck and sending it in a text to your friends is going to be hard to resist!

However while getting that perfect snapshot there is nothing worse than dropping your phone – or even forgetting your phone is in your pocket if you jump into the cool Sydney Waters.  Most waterproof cases are great for that quick save from those unfortunate instances and are usually cheap to purchase.  If you find yourself regularly taking part in experiences along the water – you might want to invest in a LifeProof Waterproof Case – which albeit a tad expensive, can certainly be a lifesaver in a clumsy moment.


With wide-brimmed hats blocking about 50% of UV rays, it’s been proven by optometrists that wearing sunglasses is not only cool – but they protect your eyes.  Securing a pair of sunglasses is ideal as you absorb the cool ocean breeze on the ocean deck.  Not only will your eyes be protected from UV and Blue-Light Rays, but it will block any glare that might be radiating down from the gorgeous Sydney Sun.

Wallet / Purse

Although on your Sensational Sydney Cruise you’ll find everything catered to you – from historic tour to refreshments.  It’s always a good idea to keep your personal items close by.

Hair Ties

As every woman knows, no matter how much effort put into a great hair style – a single change of weather and hair can become this huge, unmanageable mess of tangles.   There are times where the wind may pick up especially along the coastline during your exciting cruise – and it’s in those times you’ll be grateful to have a hair tie on hand!

With these top five choices – you are sure to get the most fun out of your cruise – as you won’t miss a thing.  However last and perhaps most important – is to bring yourself!  A task easy accomplished by booking a ticket with the team at Sensational Sydney Cruises who cater cruises throughout the day!