Tea with a Twist

Meant for the working man, to be taken on a high stool or standing up – the term “High Tea” came to be born in the mid-1700’s as a British afternoon meal.

Gradually the meal adapted and became a prominent social event for Ladies and Gentleman to attend.  Served with a variety of beverages and light refreshments – the event had become the staple in social calendars everywhere.

Nowadays, a High Tea has become the symbol of socialising with close friends!  With the help of the fantastic crew at Sensational Sydney Cruises – you’ll be able to coordinate with a few friends to indulge in your own slices of heaven with a morning tea that will be the social highlight of the year!


Starting at 10 am, you will depart Campbell’s Cove Pontoon, Circular Quay and embark on a luxurious 52-foot motor yacht which will set sail on the brilliant blue waves.

Travelling around Sydney Harbour you’ll each be treated to spectacular sights of the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge and the breathtaking Sydney coastline.

In the cabin, you will all experience five-star service as you are offered a selection of beverages; such as coffee, tea or juice with a series of light refreshments whilst relaxing in lavish settings.   Whilst enjoying your morning tea, you will be treated to a full in-depth guide from the captain on the history of Sydney.

From there, you will be free to absorb the scenery on deck as you either relax on deck and work on that all important tan – or with camera in hand – take in those brilliant perspectives (or selfies) you are sure to find only on a Sensational Sydney Cruise.

After the two hour tea, you will be returned to Campbell’s Cove Pontoon, Circular Quay – fully rested and recharged for the week ahead!  Have your friend’s thank you for a fantastic morning on the sea by coordinating with Sensational Sydney Cruises today!